wake up landlords

Wake up Landlords, Your tenants have rights

This is a wake up call to landlords / property managers

Do you know the rights of your tenants?

tenant rights guide – Legal Aid

Do you know that if you are a landlord, you are expected to know and respect the rights of your tenants?

Do you provide excellent customer service?

I know what you are thinking?

I know most landlords I talk to are more concerned about getting bad tenants, but what about the other side of the coin.

Could it be possible that when possible tenants meet potential landlords, they are equally worried about getting into a bad relationship with a bad landlord?

I believe a landlord / property manager relationship should be based on mutual respect and understanding.  It is a business relationship, and should be treated like one.

In my local area, there is an organization called the Dalhousie legal aid service. They provide help to tenants that encounter bad landlords.  The kind of landlords that give the residential real estate business a bad name.

Click this link to read the guide they provide to tenants

tenant rights guide – Legal Aid

Some of the laws and rules might be different in your area, however, based on my research, most laws that govern the landlord / property management business in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, are very similar.  Check you local legal aid department, they may have a similar guide specific to your area.  In most areas there is a specific residential tenancy act.

If you are a landlord or property manager it is your responsibility to get educated. – Tenants rights guide 

tenant rights guide – Legal Aid

tenant rights guide – Legal Aid

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Click this link to get direct access to the book I wish I had when I started out in the landlord business

Please note this guide is protected by copy write and belongs to the Dalhousie Legal Service, for more information about tenant rights contact them directly with the information below:

The guide link contains general legal information only and is not intended to serve as a replacement for professional legal or other advice. This guide only applies to Residential Tenancies in Nova Scotia. 2013

Tenant Rights Project (Dalhousie Legal Aid Service) One-on-one legal information over the phone. Leave a message and a tenant rights volunteer will call back within two business days Tel: (902) 423-8105 Web: http://tenantrights.legalaid.dal.ca/

Click here for access to the Nova Scotia residential tenancy guide

Click here to get access to our complete guide to residential tenancy

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