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The simple, yet extremly useful plunger

Early on in my property management / landlord career I found a way to minimize service calls from tenants.

I can remember within two weeks of purchasing a six unit building I was called twice by tenants with clogged toilets.

I has able to un-clog the toilets quickly with a plunger.  I also bought a plunger for each unit.

That is when I went on a mission to place a plunger next to every toilet I own.  I make sure to point it out and educate tenants on how to use it, when they move in.  I am amazed at how many people have never used a plunger.

Plungers can be purchased cheap at a dollar store.  Even if you have a lot of units, it is still worth the investment.

You can also use plungers on sink and tub drains.  I would suggest a different one then the one used in your toilets.

Plungers, do not get stuck without one.

Michael P Currie

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