Free rental application

Free rental application


Rental Application

Rental Application

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The rental application is one of the most important documents a property manager can have.  There are lots of tenancy applications available on line.  We have tried various applications.  We have tried everything from one pagers with limited information to two page applications, which have too much information.

We have found applications that we thought were perfect, then we would use them a few times and discover things we would like to change.

Today is a snow day here in Nova Scotia, so while we wait for the snow to stop, Shelly and I decided to make what we consider the perfect application.  We have built it in “Word” so if you like it or want to change it for yourself, please feel free to email me and I will send you a copy.

We identified all the most important information and managed to put it all on a one page document.

If you plan to make your own application or use someone else’s, make sure it asks for all the information you want.  If you plan to do a credit check, you will need quite a bit of information.

Make sure every bit of information is necessary.  Then you can tell your applicant to fill it out completely.  Do not ask for information you do not absolutely require to process the application.  In general most people do not like filling out forms.

Here are the flaws we have found in many applications:

Application layout does not flow:  If the information you are asking for does not flow, your applicant may not fill it all out.  An example of information not flowing would be if the order is mixed up.  We have seen applications that ask for the applicants basic info, then employment, then previous landlords.  The problem happens when you have two applicants and you cannot figure out, who’s employment information goes with what applicant, etc.

Application is too long:  We have seen several two page applications.  This can cause information overload.  In a lot of cases some of the information is not necessary.  We have noticed when we are showing an apartment and the prospect asks for an application, if it appears short they will often fill it out on the spot.  If it looks long, they may say something like “I will take it with me and get back to you”.

Application does not have the correct information required for a credit application: If you do credit applications through a tenant verification agency, it will ask you for things like the prospects previous address.  Also the basic credit application requirements are full name, date of birth and sin number, also you will need a signature line with a disclosure to let your prospect know, you will be checking credit.

Application only asks for partial information:  We have seen applications that might ask for the address, but do not specify needing the postal code.  Another example would be asking for employment information and not asking for the amount of monthly income.

You will notice in our application we do not ask for pet information.  We have a separate pet application.

I hope you find our application useful.

What ever your application process is, make sure to do credit checks and proper background checks on all your applicants.


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