Flags in the window

Flags in the window


Hanging blinds can be a great value add to your rentals.

Hanging blinds can be a great value add to your rentals.


Have you ever driven by a house or apartment building and seen a flag or a sheet used as a curtain.  I am sure most of you will agree that it takes away from the curb appeal.

I might be half or fully crazy, but it is definitely a pet peeve of mine.  I know most people will make it a building rule to not allow flags or sheets as curtains, but lets face it, it could be a low priority on a tenants list.  They may move in and have a new job, school registration, general unpacking etc.. to do.  The purchase of curtains and blinds, may be something they plan to do in the next week.  Then we can all relate to how a week can turn into a month etc.

We have come up with an easy inexpensive solution to this problem, that you may want to adopt.  In the past few years the price of blinds have come down significantly, plus there are a few extra inexpensive options on the market.  What we do is install blinds in the street facing windows of our apartments.

You can get a decent blind that looks great for between $8 – $10.  Here are some of the benefits of this small investment:

1. No more driving by and seeing sheets, flags, towels, etc.. used as curtains.

2. Better curb appeal – your rental property will look better.

3. Security – gives the appearance that the unit is occupied.

4. If you are showing a vacant unit, the blinds make the apartment look cleaner.

5. Value added service for your tenants.  All of our tenants really appreciate having blinds on the street facing windows in place when they move in.

I hope you will help us end the unsightly practice of using sheets, towels, flags, etc.. for curtains.

Michael P Currie

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