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Check out the following videos and articles about my book and various property management topics.  Also make sure to check out my talk I did for MoMondays Halifax.  It is not real estate related, however, I feel you may find the content inspirational.  If you would like to see a video on any specific topic, just reach out and let me know.

The book I wish I had, when I started investing in real estate

Not a video, but I think you will enjoy this radio interview:
Check out my radio interview with
Kevin Bunz
It aired on 102.7 fm in Thunder Bay


Check out Romana King’s lastest Money Sense article. Great advice, and quotes from me:  Michael P Currie – make sure to pick up a copy of his book for all the Landlords in your life. It will be a Christmas gift that will keep on giving.



Clearing up questions about smoking medical marijuana in rental properties

Cheap Kitchen Renovation Ideas

How to Hire a Contractor

How to Paint an Apartment Quickly

Check out the video from my book launch on October 22, 2016

Get a copy of my book – Complete Guide to Residential Property Management right here

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I think my book is really awesome, but if you want to read a third party review, here is what Romana King from had to say:

Click Here

Click here to buy my book on Amazon 

Check out my interview with Tony LeBlanc of Ground Floor Property Management in Moncton

Landlord by Design Yacht Video


Check out 27 Esson Road, available February 1, 2016, we decided to do something a little different with our video and make it about the area.

Click this link, you will be glad you did

Get your copy here, click this link

Michael P Currie – Inspires his audience at MoMondays Halifax

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