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I have to admit that Shelly and I talked about this idea for a long time before we took action and did it.  The concept is simple.  I would make a video of Shelly showing the property, upload it to You Tube, and then insert the link into our kijiji ad.

A few of the barriers or perceived barriers were that we do not have a fancy video camera and since neither of us are particularly tech savvy we have been procrastinating about buying a special camera and microphone.  We also did not have any vacancies and figured we would rather video a vacant unit.  We were also not sure on what we would say.  We talked about making a script, maybe even hiring a videographer to help us.

Then I found a clip on You Tube from a realtor.  In the video he mentioned that he was using his ipad to film it.  I thought wow, the quality is not too bad considering it is just the stock ipad camera.

I made the ipad video discovery at the same time as a tenant of ours moved out early, which allowed us time with a vacant apartment, before the new tenant moved in.

Shelly and I decided to take action.  We both have a lot of experience showing apartments, so we figured we would just shoot a video and see how it turns out.  We figured worst case scenario, we figure out that videos are not for us and we abandon the idea.

We made the video and placed it into the rental ad.  I have to tell you the response was amazing.  We showed the apartment to four different people.  Each person we showed it to thanked Shelly for making the video.  They all mentioned they wished more people would post videos of there apartments.  We had the apartment leased up  with in days of posting the video ad.

Going forward we will now do a video for al of our rental ads.  We wish we had taken action and did this years ago.

I also want to mention if you are reading this and do not have a You Tube account, make sure to go to and set up a free account.  It is easy.

Good luck making your video


P.S. make sure to watch the sample video in this ad.

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