How to make a headboard out of an old door

How To Make A Headboard Out Of An Old Door































This post is about how to make a headboard out of old doors.

For those that know my wife Shelly and I well, it is no secret that we like renovating old homes.  We enjoy the mouldings, high ceilings, craftsmanship and all the cool stuff we have found over the years.  Whenever we do a project we like to repurpose some of the items we find.

We recently renovated a century home and ended up with several original doors.  We find old doors are great items to re-purpose.  We love the old latches, the weight of the solid wood and the design work.  We immediately figured it would be cool to do a headboard with a couple of the old doors. We have seen headboards bolted to the wall horizontally, but we decided to do something a little different.  We discovered that two doors side by side was the exact width of our queen size bed.  Here are the steps to do this project.

1. Find two matching doors.  They do not have to be a perfect match, but should be pretty close.

2. Cut the doors to the desired height.  We made our doors about five feet tall.

3. Remove the old paint (the best you can), please note that if you are going to sand old doors, they may have paint containing lead.  It is important not to breath in led paint or let it get on your skin.  To avoid any risk, I decided to pressure wash the paint off the doors.

4. Next paint the doors.  I used white semi-gloss latex paint.

5. Next decide which side will be the front, and which will be the back.  Then lay them down on the front.  Nail or screw two, two by four pieces of wood to the back of the doors.  This will  hold the doors together.

6. The final step is to place the headboard behind the bed, and mount it to the wall with corner brackets. I hope you find these instructions useful.  We really enjoy our headboard.  It reminds us of the project they came from.  We managed to take a few other souvenirs from the same project.

Until next time,

Michael P Currie

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