Life in multi-family, is like having multiple families

Life in multi-family, is like having multiple families


Apartment Building

Apartment Building

I am not sure if Shelly planned this, but today when we were making our plan for the day, a great quote slipped out.  Shelly said “Life in multi-family, is like having multiple families”.

I thought it was a pretty profound statement.  We make plans everyday on what we have to do with our portfolio of properties we manage.  The interesting part about managing properties, are there never seems to be a shortage of new situations.

After Shelly made this statement, I started to reflect and think about the work we do.  Sometimes we do not realize how many lives we affect everyday.  When you become a property manager, you are responsible for the safe / well maintained shelter of several families.  This is a really important job.  It is also sometimes a thankless job.  If you expect or require a pat on the back for every late night emergency visit, or how fast you solve a problem with an appliance, or plumbing issue, then multi-family property management would not be for you.

It is a job that requires self motivation and pride in a job well done.

We strive to provide the best customer service possible to all our tenants and show a ton of appreciation to the contractors and trades people that help us out.

When you manage multi-family real estate you become part of every family.  You may not get invited to Christmas dinner, however, at some point you will be asked to help.

That simple statement, which was a reaction to our “to do” list this morning gave me a feeling of pride and a sense of duty.

Shelly and I truly care about all the lives we touch.  I agree that multi-family property management can be challenging with all the people and situations we face everyday, but for us we are happy to be part of multiple families.

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  1. Wow, thank you for explaining your experience as a multifamily property manager, it was interesting how you felt like a part of each family. My husband and I are interested in finding a multifamily property for our little family, so we’ve been looking online for some tips. I’ll share this article with my husband.

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