Our first rental open house

Our first rental open house

When it comes to renting homes, Shelly and I are always trying to come up with new ways to efficiently show places to potential tenants.  We recently tried a new idea for us, a rental open house.

I do realize that an open house is not a new concept, however, it is the first one we did.

It worked out really well, we had several people show up.  A couple of families were driving in the area, and the majority showed up because of the ad Shelly placed on Kijiji.

The few days leading up to the open house, we offered a couple of times for a viewing, and then if they did not work she told them about the open house.

It was a great way to show the apartment to several potential tenants at the same time.  This also minimized the inconvenience of showings for the current residents.

A couple of the value ad items were Shelly’s fresh baked cookies, sandwich board sign with balloons.  Shelly also placed balloons on the house, so people could clearly see which townhouse was available for rent.

Our first open house was a great success, and made us stand out from the other townhouses for rent in the area.

It is an idea that we will be using again for other rentals.

Michael P Currie

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Get an open House sign

It is important to have an open house sign

Rental Open House Sign

Rental Open House Sign

Open House Cookies

Cookies are a must at every open house

Michael P Currie

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