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Is it expensive to write a book?

Did you ever dream about writing a book?  Is it expensive to write a book?

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I did, and on September 22, 2016 it want live on Amazon.  It was an amazing feeling.

It all started a couple of years before when I started a blog about property management.  As a real estate investor, I noticed that even though property management is an important part of owning properties, I could not find very much non-biased information about managing my  properties.

I met with a marketing friend one day and he suggested I turn the blog posts into a book.  I told him I did not have time, and did not want to commit the financial resources and money to a book at this time.

My friend bugged me for several weeks and I finally agreed to take on the project.  It was a lot more work then I anticipated, and cost more than I expected, but well worth the time and money.

How much does it cost you ask?

I have to say that depends.  You see book writing has several components.

#1  The book – which can be as simple as words on a word document stapled together. – This is the cost of time, or known as opportunity cost.

#2 Writing coach – this could be a friend offering encouragement, or an experience author consulting on how if you should self publish, the layout, what you want to achieve by writing the book and maybe even a shoulder to cry on, when you feel like giving up.  I would count on $1000 to $$$$.

#3 The cover – could be as simple as a hand drawn cover on cardboard or a gig on Fiverr.  Approximate cost $10 – $$$$$

#4 Art work – If you plan on having some pictures or drawings, you will need to hire an artist or pay for the rights to use certain pictures.  I would count on approximately $100 – $$$$


#5 Editing – you could edit the book yourself or hire someone .  Approximate cost $1000 – $$$$$

#6 Book design / layout and format – you could figure out how to format for Kindle, Create Space or wherever you plan to print and display your book – Click here.  Approximate cost $500 – $$$$

#7 Inventory – if you plan to sell physical copies, you will need to order and buy some.  Usually a minimum order, approximately $250 – $$$

#8 Marketing & promotion – this can cost zero to unlimited.  At the very least I would count on $500 plus, even if you are just going to publish on Kindle and have a basic book launch.

#9 Pod cast, speaking events, videos – Building a brand as an expert, you will need to either make or become a guest on several pod casts, real estate events, video blogs, other blogs.  You will likely have to offer your speaking services for free (until you build a brand people will pay for).  The more you share your story, the more people will know you, and want to buy a book to feel connected to you and find out all about what you have to offer.

#10 Website or blog – you could use a template word press website (like this one).  If you buy your own domain and make the website including hosting, approximate cost $300 – $$$$

I have read many articles about how inexpensive it is to write a book, however, I have never met an author (I am not saying they do not exist) that has spent less than a few thousand dollars on building and marketing a book.  I do not have a ton of market research, however, I would count of somewhere around $10000 plus if you want to buy yourself a spot as a best seller, or enter into award competitions, basically if you want your book to be financially successful.

Can you do it on a budget, yes you could do a Kindle book and not promote it for pretty cheap.

I would argue if you are looking to help people, what is the point of a book that nobody reads.

What I have come to realize is that whoever spends the most on marketing and promotion usually has the greatest success.

please leave comments below about your personal experiences.


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