Downloadable Forms

I have learned over the years that having the right forms makes a big difference.  The following forms are ones that I have made using trial and error.  Trying to determine exactly what I need.  If I collect too much info, it can complicate my process, also if I collect too little it can make it difficult to complete common tasks.

These forms are going to be part of an upcoming course that I will be offering on property management.

I have decided to provide them for free, for a limited time only.

Feel free to change them to suit your purpose.


Michael P Currie

President Landlord by Design



Room rental agreement

Move in – Move out Inspection


Landlord Screening Checklist



Certificate of Excellent Tenacy

Responding to rental inquiry email

Email to provide notice of renovations

Email to provide notice of a showing

Room Rental Application PDF

Room Rental Application Word



Design Your Landlord Experience