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Top 50 Landlord blogs and websites every landlord must know

I am continuously searching for great landlord and property management blogs, articles, and stories.  I have learned a big lesson over the past several years sharing stories about landlord and property management experiences.

The big lesson is, it does not seem to matter what country you live in, the landlord / property management business is not only tough, it is very similar.

We all face similar challenges.  Feed Spot compiled an amazing list of the top 50 Landlord blogs.  They are from Canada, United States (USA) and the United Kingdom (UK).

Lots of fantastic information to solve many of the challenges you face as a landlord or property manager, everyday.

Enjoy the read – click below

Top 50 Landlord Blogs And Websites Every Landlord Must Follow



The most important member of my team

Thank You

Today, I was asked the question of if I were to start over, who is the first and most important person you would ask to join your team?

That was a tough question to answer, and really made me think about all the great people that helped and still are helping with our business.  I decided I would post the acknowledgement section of my book in a post.  I could likely write a book on how each one helped, is still helping, or how great they are in skill and most importantly character.

I believe in business you do not need to know how to do everything, you just need to surround yourself with the best and brightest people.

So here it is, please feel free to reach out if you would like a more personalized reference, if you chose to use any of the services from these people:

I want to recognize some of the great people who have helped me get to where I am today. It might have been through a business association, or a shoulder to cry on, when I had a tough day.I am so grateful to have met the following people.

These are all very special business people. Make sure you check out the websites of some of the folks who played a supporting role in my business.

The first shout out might be obvious, that’s to my wife, Shelly Currie. She’s also my property management/landlording partner. It’s so amazing that I was able to find someone to share my business and life with. Thank you, Shelly for joining me on this amazing journey.

I want to shout out to our business partner and vice-president of The Fort Nova Group (our real estate investment company), Michael Thibeau.

I want to thank my dad, Don Currie and stepmother, Maureen Currie, who on more than one occasion have stepped in to help with various property management and cleaning jobs. Sometimes, we need all the help we can get to meet tight timelines.

Stefanie McDonald – has assisted me with some challenging tenant issues, and has provided me with amazing business advice: Halifax Paper Hearts –

Egon Wallet – Palm Beach Properties – Egon has supported my real estate investing career and introduced me to Richard Payne’s real estate investing group.

Richard Payne – Keller Williams Realty – Multifamily investor and founder of The Halifax Real Estate Investors Meetup group –,

Scott Bentley and Igor Geshelin – The Bentley Group at Premiere Mortgage Centre.  These two are responsible for finding the cash for all our projects.

Patrick Johnston – serial entrepreneur, motivator –

Nick Harvey – always there for advice, very knowledgeable about the power of positive thinking. Realtor, property manager, founder of HRM real estate meet up

Selby Gossett – a realtor who knows how to hustle and gets deals done

Gail Boudreau – a realtor who is always ready to serve and who always goes above and beyond

Christian Thibaudeau – Founder of ABC Property Management Ltd. – A key property and project manager. My eyes on the ground – 902-247-5918

Christian and Kim Thibaudeau: TCK Enterprises Ltd. Project and Investment property Consultants –

Keith Dexter – Serial entrepreneur, business mentor – makes complicated business problems look easy –

Randy Stevens – Real estate investor, mentor – makes real estate investing look easy –

John Copp – serial entrepreneur and friend – thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone many times –

Garnet Brooks – Lawyer, Internet marketer – the person who encouraged me to start a blog, and takes care of all our legal work.

Ian Knowles – General Contractor – let’s just say we have both been through a lot together –

Edwin Maremont – Kore Construction, real estate entrepreneur – always there for advice and willing to help when I have serious maintenance issues –

Alex Jacobsen – Home Inspector – always ready to help –

Eric Wier – electrical contractor, we’ve run some serious wires together –

John Pace – Pace Plumbing, always on call for us, no matter how busy they are: 902-477-4633

Derek Kaye – Internet Marketing guru – thank you for helping me navigate and open my eyes to networking, plus motivating me to write and publish this book:

Kyla Cormier – Spiritual advisor – need I say more?

Drew MacQuinn – Hypnotist, meditation/mindfulness expert

Tim and Brynn Blais – entrepreneurial power couple

Ed Nix – Insurance broker and educator of all things insurance

Corey Poirier – Thank you for your encouragement, and for helping me to promote this book.

Paul McInnis – Thank you for being a great sounding board for my sensible real estate investing ideas.

David Campbell – Commercial real estate investor as well as auto repair and sales and business mentor

In addition, all the other people who played supporting roles in our real estate journey.

I cannot thank you enough.

The book launch is on September 22, 2016 

Tenant screening – avoid eviction

Tenant screening is the best way to at least limit the painful process of doing an eviction.

The hardest part about the eviction process is the emotional energy involved.  It seems simple, pay rent or get out.

The problem is that the process is generally full of rules that favor the person not paying, and takes a lot of time and energy from both sides.

The process can be stopped at anytime, so it is important to understand why the eviction is taking place, could the landlord or property manager have made a deal with the person who is unable to pay.

Even with tenant screening, you may still need to do an eviction at some point in your career, however, they can be limited by following our process.

Learn more on September 22, 2016 in our new 11 chapter book.