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Team Currie
Team Currie

Property management has been a passion of ours for several years.

We are both CAM (Certified Apartment Managers), and currently manage properties, plus hire and work with property managers on other properties.

We have learned some hard lessons, and also have met a lot of amazing people over the years.

We strive to bring you useful, reality based content to help you manage your properties.

We welcome any property management questions.

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Mike & Shelly

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4 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hello Michael

    Enjoying reading your experiences and insight about real estate. Is there a chance I can offer you lunch sometime at your convenience.

    As entrepreneurs increasing your chances of winning friends and influencing people is a priority and I would like to include myself in your circle if possible.

    A few things about me… I am a consultant working in capital markets and a major shareholder in a real estate hedge fund. Currently we are focusing on Europe and Michigan strategies and I would certainly enjoy sharing how we do/did things.

    Kind Regards

    Pierre Hanna

  2. Hi, Michael. My name is Vandira and I ‘m from Brasil. I would like to know more about a farm business in Nova Scotia. Thank you.

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